The Dura Contract products are specifically developed for heavy commercial use. The broad collection meets the highest demands in sustainability, user friendliness, acoustics, comfort & hygiene, and offers solutions for a variety of applications.

Dura Platin Bodenbeläge
Teppichboden Büroräume


The Dura Contract Collection has a great selection of modern and traditional designs and colors. It provides a solution for different areas in office buildings. In the work environment concentrations stands central. The acoustic properties of the flooring, such as sound and impact reduction play an important role here. Furthermore, the colors and designs of the Dura Contract collection create a good atmosphere stimulating creativity and effectivity.

Teppichboden Schule und Bildungswesen


The Dura Contract qualities contribute to a calm and relaxed learning environment. Textile floors have a positive influence on the optics and acoustics in a learning environment. The durable Dura Contract carpets are perfectly suitable for the canteens, class rooms, lecture halls, hallways and libraries.

Teppichboden Ladenbau Commercial


A good interior design contributes to the profiling and recognisability of a brand or store. Dura Contract has a great variety of options that contribute to the brand and shopping experience in a store. With the many functional advantages such as comfort and acoustics, Dura Contract qualities provide a solid base to welcome customers.

Teppichboden Gesundheitswesen


In healthcare robustness and hygiene are central aspects. Dura Contract offers a perfect solution for these important aspects. The qualities meet the highest demands of intensive project use and are easy in maintenance. Dura Contract is extremely suitable for the daily traffic of pedestrians, hospital beds, equipment and wheelchairs.

Dura Saphir

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See here the Dura Contract carpets made of sustainable materials. In the broad assortment there are many solutions available for all kinds of applications.

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