Sustainability of Solution-Dyed Yarn

Solution Dyed Carpet Yarn

All tufted floor coverings from the Dura Contract collection are made with solution-dyed (abbreviated SD) yarns. These solution-dyed yarns have excellent properties, making the Dura Contract products perfectly suitable for areas with heavy traffic.

Solution-dyed yarns, also known as spinneret-dyed yarn, are made by adding color pigments during the yarn production process. The color pigments are therefore permanently absorbed into the yarns. Thanks to this production method, the solution-dyed yarn has many advantages that are strongly present in the Dura Contract products. The solution-dyed yarns are characterized by a uniform pile color, and shows no signs of wear even with intensive use.

The extremely wear-resistant solution-dyed yarn has the following advantages:

  • Lightfastness
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Protection against yellowing due to aging
  • Resistant to chlorine-containing cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Maintains the original color intensity.

In addition, the yarns no longer need to be dyed during textile production, this saves significant amounts of water and energy. The solution dyeing technology is a yarn dyeing process that uses up to 60 percent less water and emits significantly less CO2 than conventional methods. This makes the use of solution-dyed yarns an environmentally friendly and sustainable option. It helps to improve the environmental balance of textile floor coverings throughout the product life cycle.

Dura Contract textile floor coverings with solution-dyed yarns can be installed in high-traffic areas thanks to their excellent properties. The environmentally friendly advantages during the production process and the extreme wear resistance resulting in a long service life, make the use of the solution-dyed yarns in the Dura Contract floor coverings a sustainable solution

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